Limited connectivity - floodlight camera plus

I’ve had four floodlight camera wired plus v3 devices installed for about a year now. I occasionally will flip the interior switch off out of habit, and need to turn it back on. Over the weekend, this happened, but after the usual minute or so wait, connectivity with the app was not restored.

My Google Mesh router showed that the camera had an IP and was connected. I even assigned it a reserved IP during my troubleshooting.

I pressed the reset button on the camera through multiple attempts, each time re-establishing it with the app, using the code or the QR code.

A few times it would allow a live view for about 10 seconds, then would cut out.

After giving up, I let it sit overnight. After about 6 hours, it started reacting to motion again and would record, and eventually live views would work again. And I could turn on the floodlight from the app again.

Last night, I flipped the interior switch by mistake again (I guess I need to label the light switches), and the whole situation started again. As of right now, it is responding to motion and is recording (although only 30 seconds instead of the 120 it is set to), but I still cannot get a live view to start, and I cannnot activate the spotlight. I do see upload and download traffic between the router and the camera occasionally.


Hi @steveontheriver. This sounds like a connectivity issue. What is the RSSI for this device? This information can be found in the Device Health section of the Ring app.

Thanks for the response. RSSI seems to be in the 50’s and LOW 60’s across most of my 4 floodlights, 2 doorbells, and 1 indoor wired device. A couple are around 30. The one I referred to in the issue above is currently showing 62 and has been functioning perfectly fine since the last 8 hour partial outage that followed the last flip of the inside light switch.

Yesterday, I accidentally flipped the light switch that controls the two floodlight cams on the detached garage. Now experiencing a multi-hour outage and recovery similar to the issue described above. Can’t turn light on from the app, can’t start a live view, however it has recorded some video upon motion triggering. Those are both showing about 60 RSSI. Google Mesh router shows the connection as “Great” to both, and tested from the router as about 20 Mbps. I also have not seen the weak WiFi or offline icons on these devices during these events.

I have worked in IT (applications support) for 20 years and think of myself as a good troubleshooter, but this one really does not make sense to me.

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Update. After roughly 8 hours, the other two lights started functioning normally again. Just like the first one. So whatever is going on seems to shake out after about a third of a day. I’ll see if it continues after the next time one of them gets turned off and rebooted.

Great to hear, @steveontheriver. If this happens again, I have a test you can perform. Try connecting the Cam to a WiFi hotspot and see how the camera behaves. If the behavior is improved, you may need to add a Chime Pro to improve the connection.

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Thank you. The cameras have been stable since my last update. So strange. Thanks for the responses. Hopefully it was a temporary fluke in the Ring system, a problematic system update, or the router.

Hi @steveontheriver. I’m happy to hear your devices have maintained a stable connection. Intermittent connectivity issues can happen due to interference with the signal, or when there’s a lot of traffic on the network. Hopefully everything continues working as expected!

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