Lights turn on in the day

During the day, my floodlight keep turning on when it detects motion. Trying to figure how I can turn this off. I only want then to come on when it detects motion at night.

Any help would be great.


Hi there, @Mrcambo87! The lights on the Floodlight Cam should only turn on for Motion Events when it’s dark. If it’s dark outside and your lights aren’t turning on you can adjust your motion sensitivity for triggering the lights. If it’s dark outside and you don’t want the lights to turn on at all, you can always manually control your floodlight through the manual Lights On/Off control.

As you mentioned somewhat the opposite of the above, and the concern being that lights come on during the day, please ensure this is due to the environment itself being dark. I recommend also checking light settings and scheduling options for fine tuning opportunities. Feel free to check out our help center article for more tips on controlling lights on the Floodlight Cam. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: