Lights on floodlight cam

One of the lights on floodlight cam wont come on. Worked fine for 6 months. Any ideas or do i need a new floodlight cam?

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I am also having issues. I installed the floodlight wired August 2019 and the lights would come on via the schedule on the app. After about 6 months, the lights no longer come on unless. I manually toggle them on via the app. This is a great inconvenience as I travel and have to remember to turn on my lights that should automatically come on when programmed.

Hi neighbors! As long as there is sufficient power, and the Floodlight Cam is installed as intended, both of your lights should always come on. Please try to power cycle your Floodlight Camera by flipping the switch or breaker that is supplying power off then back on.

If this concern persists, our support team will be able to assist more in-depth by phone. :slight_smile: