Lights on Cameras stay OFF at Dawn to dusk

Where is the setting to keep Lights OFF dawn to Dusk for Spolight Cams?

You can set lights to stay on dusk to dawn.

When you select lights to stay off it has Dusk but you can not choose DAWN.

With season changes using a set time does not work! I would have to change the setting weekl
Screen shot attached

Hi @EcoDieselDave. For the start time, you will not have the option for Dawn as the lights during the day do not turn on with motion detection. This Help Center article here has more information on Light Schedules. I hope this helps.

Yes Motion will trigger recording
However I don not need lights when the sun is out there is no benefit.
Also trespassing criminal would likely notice the lights on .

What is the reason this is not an option as No one has motion lights of any kind turn on by motion during daylight hours unless the sensativety is Broken or something.

Some alerts I have on & others off during daylight hours, so I’m not bothered during the Day. Again I want Lighst to just stay off during the Daylight hours . but turn on at night with all motion Triggers