Lights 'loading' message

All of a sudden there is another box in the upper right corner of the app (next to ‘event history’) that says ‘lights’. Within the box it just keeps showing a spinning circle with the word ‘loading’. This was never there before. I have not added any new devices. I’ve cleared the cache and even uninstalled/reinstalled the app. What is this and how do I make it go away?

I’m having the same problem with the lights in the right corner of the app and a circle trying to constantly load. It was never there til recently and it’s draining my phone battery. HELP!

Having the same issue.

I have exactly the same problem

Having the same problem here as well. It started today and has never been there before. Only happening on my husband’s android phone app. My iPhone app is fine

Same problem. Is RING going to fix this?

I am having the samee issue.

My phone is ok. th app was installed last week. When I installed the app on my wife’s phone this week, it started happening on her phone.

If I go to another screen everything works fine. If I stay on the screen that shows “lights Loading” it eventually crashes the app.

How do we escalate this?

Could a moderator or admin respond to this and give an update please?

Hi neighbors! @Lilas_buddy little short staffed here today so paitence would be appreciated! Please also note, this is a forum not a direct line to support. However, we are more than happy to help.

Do you all have Ring Smart Lighting lights on your account and then they are not loading? What phone and App version are you using? Thank you

I use Samsung Galaxy android phone and this happened to mine where the new box shows lights loading and yes draining my mobile battery. Not too happy with ring and wished I had used recommended Nest system

I’ve just bought a ring door view cam and also getting this spinning icon on one of our phones, which is a Moto G8. It’s not on my S10+. I don’t have any cameras with lights on.

Hi, I have a Motorola and it works fine, my wifes phone is a Samsung and has the spinning icon on the lights. We only have one ring device, a spotlight cam.

I have a Google Pixel 3, and so does my husband. I have the latest version version available on Google Play installed (3.27.0). The problem only appears on my phone, not his, though his account is the ‘owner’ and I am a ‘shared user’. We have three floodlight cameras. I get alerts and can access them fine, I just have the annoying ‘lights loading’ box which was never there before. I have attached a screenshot. Also mentioned, this just started happening within the week.

Same problem since upgrading to Android version 3.27.0.

Lights Loading continually spinning on main screen, and app draining battery excessively, even when not running in the foreground. Only device is a Doorbell Pro.

Need a fix for this soon, or will be forced to uninstall and switch to a different video doorbell product.

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My wife and I both have LG G7 android phones. Her’s has spinning ring, mine is fine. We have Ring alarm and doorbell. We do NOT have any lights! I am account owner, shared with my wife.

Hi neighbors. We have had the team take a look into this and it does appear this should only be affecting ‘Shared Users’. We will certainly continue to share updates on this thread. We appreaciate your patience. Thanks!

Thank you for acknowedging this issue.

If there isn’t a quick fix available, maybe give the last stable release a new version number and upload it to the Play Store as a workaround? My phone’s battery would be very appreciative.

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I believe the team is currently working on a fix. I will be able to confirm more within the next day or two. Thank you

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This has been driving me crazy…I look forward to a solution soon…

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