Lights Flood light

Is it possible to turn off the lights @ night?
I installed this alarm on my terras .
So i like to sit there without the spot that s constantly turning on.(ok you can do it manually but everytime you move , you need to do it again)
Even when it’s in switched off modus in the app the light is still turning on.

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Hi @Falcon1. While there is not a permanent on/off switch for the lights, you can try playing with your light settings in the Floodlight Cam’s settings in app to see if you can have the lights not come on as often, or completely turn it off for however long until you turn them back on. To do this you will go into the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Floodlight Cam > Device Settings > Light Settings > Motion Zones for Lights > and you could realistically turn off all the motion zones, which should in turn, not turn on the lights if the camera is also in a “Disarmed” mode. You can learn more about Modes and how this can help you out as well here. Let me know how this works out for you! :slight_smile: