Light switch controlling ring floodlight camera started tripping breaker

I learned this morning the power to my front living room was out because I could not connect to my Ring Floodlight camera that communicates to a wireless meshpoint that is plugged into an outlet in that room.

I went to investigate and discovered a 15 amp tandem breaker was tripped. As soon I flip it back to on it sizzles and trips immediately.

I am by no means an electrician but once I had a breaker going to my HVAC sizzle and shut off, I replaced it and it took care of the issue I was having. I assumed this was the same type of situation, unfortunately it did not turn out to be the case.

After replacing it I realize the issue was still there. I started unplugging things in the room and shut off the light switch that controls my ring flood light camera. I went back downstairs and turned on the breaker and this time it did not shut off. I went back up to the light switch controlling the Ring turned it to on and went back and saw the breaker is tripped.

I’ve had this floodlight camera for at least a year and it’s worked flawlessly. I called support and they checked their logs and they could see last night that it was restarting it self and the last communication it had was around 11pm. They recommend I hire an electrician to come out to check my wiring.

The ring support said that it is electrical wiring issue and that there should not be anything with the camera that would cause it to trip. Could anyone provide me some advice on how I might troubleshoot the issue?

If your not familiar with electrical wiring or devices, I’d get an electrician to check it out.
It could be a faulty switch, the electric line to the floodlight may have a short. The box the floodlight is connected to might have a short.
You’d really need to look and test the whole system from the switch to the Floodlight.

I am also having the same issue after installing ring flood cam. Were you able to find a solution to this problem?