Light scheduling - practical for battery spotlight cam?

I see that light scheduling just appeared on my app.

I was wondering if anyone has tried it yet on their spotlight battery cam. I can’t imagine this would be practical without a solar panel to recharge the battery during the day and would be interested to hear anyone’s experience with battery drain. One would think Ring has determined it is minimal drain as there is no mention/recommendation for the solar panel when activating this feature, but based on all the warnings in the app for other settings like sensitivity, I have a feeling those LED lights will really drain the battery fast.

I have played around with this feature. It turns out that there is only what they call “negative” light scheduling" for the battery cam, meaning you can only schedule when lights are not allowed to come on with motion.

@Marley_Ring however note, there is a bug in 5.39.0 - namely you can in fact set up a schedule for light on, where all indications in the settings show that it should come on, but it does not work per desription in the article.

Hi @trail-explorer. Thanks for sharing your feedback on the new Light Scheduling feature. Specifically for the Spotlight Cam Battery, there is a separate Help Center Article for it here, as the feature is a little different. It’s noted in the Article that this feature will allow you to keep your lights off, even if motion is detected. If it is indicating otherwise in the Ring App, would you be able to share a screenshot of this if possible? I’d be happy to share it with my team so they can take a look. :slight_smile:

I have the Spotlight Cam Battery with 2 batteries and solar panel. That still won’t be enough to keep the lights on for 6-8 hours?