Light scheduling for spotlight battery cam - released yet?

To those that have the spotlight battery cam, do you see the new light schedule feature in your phone app yet? There was a thread here by Ring announcing this was to be pushed quite a few weeks ago. Wondering if I need to reset the camera to force the update?

In any case, wondering the true utility of this for battery powered spotlight cameras. Having the spotlight on dusk to dawn will certainly drain the battery, perhaps to the point it might not be able to recover even with a solar panel.

What I’d rather see RIng do is actually enable the battery spotlight cam spotlight to come on with motion at night even if you have a porch light on. This is a serious deficiency I have pointed out many times and hope Ring is taking action so please join me in this request on the Features Request board. I believe many folks buy this camera with the expectation the spotlight will come on at night with motion (as in burglar approaching the door etc.) for that added surprise factor. And… many folks certainly like a porch light on at night or some other type of exterior lighting which PREVENTS the spotlight from turning on.

Can users here with the spotlight battery cam check this for me? I even uninstalled and reinstalled the app. There is NO light schedule feature (other than the ON with motion option that has always been there), as promised in this article.

I don’t have it yet either. I’ve found that when these features are announced it’s usually around three to four weeks before they show up on my end, and sometimes a bit longer.

Thanks pdeethardt! This is helpful. At least I know I’m not the only one. Maybe you could also weigh in on my snapshot timeline post to see if you experience the same here too.

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