Light schedule

I just got this new camera and I’m having issue with the light schedule… I need lights around my house because my house and car got broken into.the light comes on when schedule, but the it shuts off in the middle of the night .I’m disappointed .

Hey @Missallen! If the light schedule is not following through as scheduled in the app, I recommend removing and adding that schedule again. When adding the schedule please ensure the desired times are selected as well as days. As the time zone is based on Ring device location, please also check your location is accurate in the app.

The next best step would be to increase your motion settings to ensure if there is motion detected, your lights can react in a timely manner. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

My light schedule is not working either. Installed 2 c floodlight cams today. Got everything to work except the light schedule. In fact, I was not able to set the dates. Only the time to turn on and off the light.

It’s still not working its cutting off at the same time every night around 12:15am …it suppose to stay on until 6am. My location is correct… I keep saving and disabling… this is not working…

Is anyone going to help us with this light schedule issue? I’m afraid I will need a whole new camera.

That is not working. I’m not happy at all.

I have been having a very similar issue. The lights are not following the schedule…they sometimes turn on at the correct time, they sometimes turn off at the correct time. But they also are very spontanous. I cannot seem to find a pattern. Support phone calls have been very unhelpful with the “turn it off and on again” approach. Any help or advice would be appriciated.

Solution has been made. Set timer to GMT times.

How do I do that?

I looked up the GMT Conversion chart for my time zone and set the light schedule to the converted times

Alternatively you can send an email to the ring support team to setup your device to your timezone. That was what they did for me and my devices seem to be able to turn on / off automatically as per the light schedule which I’ve setup for the past week.

I tried working with ring support. it was not making any progress. I found this solution on another thread on this forum. It seems to be working. with the GMT times even though i live in PST

Yes, it took a few emails exchanged before they finally updated the timezone to the correct location for my devices. I needed to verify that I’m the owner of the devices using the code which they sent to me separately.