Light Schedule on Pause

The light schedule on my Ring security camera has been inconsistent for over a month. It normally comes on at the time I have scheduled, but goes off at random times. When I turn on the lights via the app, I keep receiving a message stating “Your light schedule is on pause and will resume in 24 hours.” I have discussed this with Customer Service numerous times. They even sent me a new camera, which has not alleviated the problem. Now, they are telling me that my account has been flagged along with some other customers who are having this same issue, that “the engineers” are working on the problem, and that they will let me know when the issue is resolved. The reason I purchased the Ring security camera in the first place is because someone tried to break into my car in my driveway at night a couple of years ago, so it is imperative that my light be on at night in my driveway. Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this problem.

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I must be one of those customers because I am experiencing the same thing. I’ve opened up a support ticket on June 18, 2019 and it is still not fixed. I don’t feel a sense of security when walking up to my house at night and my Ring Floodlight is turned off even though the Light Schedule is set for it to be on.

I’m experiencing the same issue where it turns on at the right time but it turns itself off sometime during the night when the schedule says it’s supposed to stay on. I even have a video of the light being on then turned itself off and then back on within one minute. I provided it to support for what it’s worth.

I was looking into getting their Security System but I’m holding off to see if this issue gets fixed.

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Thank you both for being so resourceful in taking all the proper steps to resolve this concern by contacting support, as well as for sharing this with the Community. Please confirm, @EJ1 , is your experience also with the Floodlight Cam just as @Rim is describing?

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I described my problem in my original post. This evening, the light has already gone off twice. I got up at 1:00 am in the morning and the light was off again. I called customer service for the upteenth time and got the same story. I have had it. It seems that every since Amazon bought Ring, it has become more unreliable and the customer service is now really lousy.


I’m another person with the same problem. I’ll check and the light on one of the floodlight cams has gone off on their own even though they are scheduled to be on. It’s random and happens on both of the units I have hooked up. I have only had them installed for a little over a month or two and I’d say it started about a week or two after install which makes me wonder if they pushed out a firmware update that is causing this but as they don’t let the user see firmware update history I have no idea. I just know it worked flawlessly for a few weeks. It’s very frustrating and I was going to install a third light but I don’t like the idea of having unreliable floodlights that don’t come on or stay on during their scheduled on time. Plus it’s recently started disregarding the motion detection schedule as well (it just randomly turns the motion alerts off so that motion alerts aren’t occurring or rather aren’t even on) so I’m thinking this has to be something they’ve done as it’s happening on two lights that were not purchased at the same time and were purchased from different stores. If they’d let us see when firmware was updated maybe we could get to the bottom of this but I guess they think that would just confuse us poor people. I really hope they get this fixed and if you find a fix please post it because the fact that the motion alerts are not following the schedule now is really irritating/alarming. Very disappointed. The other thing that is irritating is that when I turn the lights on manually they sometimes don’t go off at the scheduled time but I have no choice but to to turn them on manually or else it just stays dark. I apologize for my long post/rant. I just wish these would let one get a little under the hood so we could see what’s happening when this problem occurs. There should be a log somewhere that the user could see. I dread contacting tech support and having to go through some inconvenient thing such as climbing a ladder and adding and removing the light from the account. This issue started without anyone touching the light so it should be able to be fixed without climbing a ladder as well.


My lights went off again last night at 11:00 pm. I agree that this appears to be a firmware issue that apparently is not high on the priority list to fix. I don’t know how Ring expects folks to entrust them with their new security alarm systems for their homes if they can’t seem to fix the light scheduling issue on the floodlight security cameras.


I would still suggest you create a support ticket, Socrates99. The troubleshooting they had me do was done on the Ring mobile app (deleting schedule and re-creating it, creating a schedule that’s shorter in length, etc) so it didn’t require anything physical like climbing a ladder.

In my case, my floodlight cam is on a light switch so I powered it off for a few seconds before turning it back on but it didn’t fix anything. This was my own troubleshooting and was not suggested by support.

Even though creating a support ticket hasn’t fixed the issue, it may be helpful to have your issue recorded. Maybe once enough tickets are created, they will prioritize the issue.

Yeah, I created a support ticket a month ago. As I stated previously, they even sent me a new floodlight security camera, which still did not alleviate the problem. Even after I received the new camera, at the direction of customer support, I cut the power switch off to the camera and turned it back on as well as deleted the light schedule and re-entering it. Now, I am continuously being told that engineers are working on the problem and they will e-mail me when the problem is resolved.

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I have deleted the light schedule as well and set it up again from scratch and it didn’t fix it. I hate that they won’t wven give you a date or any info on the firmware other than “it’s up to date” as that’s not helpful. Every other camera or device from thermostats to door locks gives a firmware version and date that a user can see. I don’t know what ring thinks we would do with this info if we actually saw it but they should let us see it.

I really hope they get this fixed soon. Thanks for the input and if yours gets fixed please update us.

Thank you, neighbors, for sharing this feedback and the troubleshooting steps you have already performed. I’ve shared your concerns with the team, who is investigating further. We appreciate all of your patience with this matter! Meanwhile, if not already attempted, please also check location permissions are accepted and time zone/ location is accurate in your app. If the phone or app timezone is incorrect, it could affect light scheduling accuracy.

The location permissions are all set correct in the phone and app. And when the lights are coming on they are coming on at the correct time. The recorded videos are at the correct time as well so I don’t think the time zones are the issue.

The customer service folks told me to check the time zone as well. The time and time zone is correct on my phone, so the time zone is not an issue.

Again, lights came on as scheduled yesterday at 7:30 pm and then went off again about 2 hours later. Had to turn the lights back on via the app, which again showed the message “light schedule on pause. Will resume the following day. Got up at 1:00 am in the morning and the lights were off again! And again, I had to turn on the lights via the app and received the same message about the light schedule being on pause.

I have been beyond patient with this issue. I kept my old fashioned regular floodlight when I had this Ring security camera installed a couple of years ago, and I think I am going to just have it reinstalled. It is dusk-to-dawn and gave me absolutely no trouble for over 15 years. I would rather have consistent light in my driveway and peace of mind than to keep dealing with a product and a company that keeps giving customers the run around about their product malfunctioning.

We’re sorry about this and truly do appreciate your patience. The team is looking into it and working on a fix. We will update this thread with more information once available.

I was also checked about the timezone by support and it was fine. As others have said, the light turns on at the correct time, which wouldn’t happen if the timezone was incorrect. I, too, have noticed that sometimes, after manually turning on the light because it shut off despite the Light Schedule, that the light doesn’t always turn off as per Light Schedule and must then be manually turned off. So it’s really not a light schedule - it’s more of a light randomizer. I am also considering putting the solution I had previously, a Philips Hue smart bulb, because it never had an issue with scheduling the lights on or off.

Similar here as well. Sometimes when I notice it’s off and I turn it on in the middle of the night it never goes off as scheduled or rather usually doesn’t go off at the scheduled off time. It’s like it just completely disregards the schedule on the day it acts up. If you manually turn it on during a scheduled on one would think it would then go off at the scheduled off time but it doesn’t. But it seems to at least be working over the last few days - since I’ve been complaining about it. We shall see if it stays working correctly.

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Still getting the runaround from Ring. Today is the 50th anniversary of the United States landing a man on the moon and Ring can’t fix a scheduling issue on its floodlight cameras. SMDH.

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Yeah, returned home last night around 9pm to a dark house when it was scheduled to turn on at 8pm. I tried a shorter schedule but that didn’t matter. This is really out of the user’s control and completely and solely on Ring.

I used to recommend Ring to friends but I’ve now told them to hold off because of this issue.

Take your time, Ring, it’s just hurting your future sales. It’s only money, right?

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I can assure you the team is looking into this and we will be in touch with more information soon. We greatly appreciate your patience with this matter.

Yes, at first l noticed it around 1, 2 or 3 am., and I was told my internet provider was probably doing updates at this time. Now, it seems to be happening at any time.


I may be way off here but from casual observation (I will try and confirm this when I have the time) I have noticed that sometimes when there has been a motion event that the lights will go off after a minute or so. I haven’t confirmed this but I have noticed they seem to be off after a motion event. I even think sometimes it’s motion that doesn’t even trigger an alert in the area that turns off the light a minute or so later. I have no settings turned on that would affect the light if motion is detected as I want the light to run on a schedule and not as motion activated light - I checked the settings for motion activated light and it’s off. Which is where I think the problem is coming from. Somehow when it detects motion it runs through the motion activation algorithm and deactivates the light after a minute even thought the lights have been on for hours before this motion event and are not set as motion activated. It just seems like motion is triggering the lights motion timer to start even when one doesn’t have that feature on.

I almost thought this problem had been magically fixed for the last week or so as they had been running correctly for a time. Then I get a motion alert when the lights are supposed to be on I check a minute or two later and they are off and I know they were on earlier in the evening.

I hope Ring is making progress on this problem. It’s really annoying and preventing me from a full scale deployment of these around my property.