Light Problem with Spotlight Cam Pro


I use Spotlight Cam Pro (cable). If this detects movement at night, the video recording starts and the light goes on. So far so good. As soon as the recording ends (regardless of whether the setting is 20, 60 or 120 seconds) the light goes out. So far so good. Now no further movement is detected, even though I am still in the zone. The light also stays off. The camera then takes a break for 1 to 2 minutes and only then turns on the light/record again. The Floodlight Cam Pro does not have this problem. Here the light stays on until I leave the movement zone. Is this a preference thing? Otherwise the Spotlight Cam Pro would be total useless for me. Its over the door and i need light if i am there (without any pause)

Hi @Lakritzmeister. The lights will turn on every time motion is detected. If there is a 1-2 minute pause, you’ll need to adjust the motion frequency. You can learn more about this here.