Light on doorbell

Light on doorbell

Got 2 standard devices one for us and one for parents … thiers the light round the push button is contantly illuminated … our nothing …err Why ??


Hi @Steve125. Can you clarify which model of Ring Doorbell or Camera you have? If it’s a Doorbell, is it hardwired to an existing doorbell circuit or is it running off of battery power? Feel free to attach photos, as that would help demonstrate what light you’re referring to. :slight_smile:

Hi … thanks, just the standard ring doorbell
Both are running off battery power
Light as photos


@Steve125 Thanks for sharing those pictures with us! Are either of these Doorbells wired to an existing doorbell circuit, as outlined in this Help Center Article? If so, this would explain why the light remains on for that Doorbell. Wiring the Doorbell to an existing doorbell circuit will provide it with a trickle charge to help keep the battery topped off.