Light/Glare on window

I installed my security cam two days ago, indoors, pointing at a window.
I had fairly clear visibility the first night. The second night though, a light seems to be projecting onto the window that wasn’t there the night before. After playing with the settings and unplugging/replugging the device, the light/glare disappeared.
It’s back this evening and everything I tried yesterday isn’t working.
Nothing has changed… position is the same, same lighting outside.

Try turning off the Infrared light.
In settings, go to devices, the camera, device settings, video settings, turn off Infrared for night vision.
I attached a screenshot of the last page.

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Anyone know of any coatings/films that one could put on the window to deplete the glare? I am having the same issue and need to keep the IR on to create a good picture at night.

I am goung to try to move the camera very close to the window to see if that helps.