Light from Ring Doorbell

Greetings. I am missing activity on a ring stick up cam which is pointing towards an area which includes a wired ring doorbell camera. I have a zone around the fountain (a racoon family is playing / bathing in the fountain at night) and we are missing the activity. We can see them on the doorbell camera coming from that area. I think an LED from the doorbell camera is impacting catching the activity. The motion zone excludes the doorbell area and sensitivity set to max. Any suggestions or can the led be mitigated somehow? Thanks

Hi @ronp854. It is very possible that the IR lights from the Doorbell are affecting your Cams ability to detect motion. I would suggest linking these devices so when the doorbell records, it will trigger the cam to also record. You can learn more about Linked Devices here. Let me know how this works for you!

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