Lifespan of Ring Doorbell

What is the typical lifespan of a device. The video quality on mine has gone down significantly lately and I’m noticing more and more it’s missing items it should have caught.

@mjjmpeters Usually the battery will be what goes first. People are used to traditional doorbells lasting decades but devices like Ring have a life span. Its not a knock on them its just all electronic devices will need replaced eventually. Around 3 or 4 years I would accept as by then a much better model will likely be out anyway. A lot depends on the climate where you live and what conditions the doorbell has been exposed to. Think about how often you upgrade your phone. Same thing really.

Is your sensitivity at the max? See my recent post to know how to set it to the max.

If the quality is going down it means you have more wifi interference, probably. Pixels are pixels. It’s digital. However, if the sun is directly hitting it the cmos sensor and/or ir sensors might age early. In theory, at least.