Leveraging Existing Security Camera Wiring

My house has many HD security cameras that are hardwired into a Lorex system and have wiring in place to receive both power and deliver video feeds. I understand from other posts that I cannot use these cameras with Ring. However, I am wondering if there is a solution that would allow me to install new Ring cameras using the existing wiring. I am fine buying new cameras and equipment, but I do not want to run new wiring and I strongly prefer hardwired solutions.
Thank you for your help!

Look at the stick up cam elite. It is PoE powered and uses network cable for its power and data connection. It should allow you to do what you want here. I would love to see Ring do more PoE products.

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Thank you! I’ll take a look. I had not realized that the camera wiring might be Cat5.

Just double check as some older CCTV systems used Coax cable but Cat 5 is basically the standard for CCTV now (in the majority of cases).