Lens condensation

I have read a few posts about the exterior of the lens on the door bell fogging up in this cold weather and thought nothing of it. Now it is happening to me and i’m pulling out what little hair I have left :slightly_smiling_face: . Looking out on a doorbell ring to see not a lot due to heavy condensation is not something I planned on when spending out on a video doorbell. Some of the answers are just not feasible, such as change location of the bell. Our front door is North facing and in the shade most of the day in winter. It has only started to be a problem since the temperatures have been hovering around 2C. What products are out there for UK users that people are having success with please? I’ve tried the water/ white vinegar/ washing up liquid and that doesn’t work. Would windscreen products work? I presume unless you can wipe them and keep the product still on the lens, the image will still be blurry? Feeling like i’ve wasted a bit of money at the moment.

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Surprised none on my fellow UK customers are having this problem. I have seen a cover which I am going to try, not convinced it is going to make a difference, but I have to try and make my doorbell useable in the cooler months, otherwise it is an expensive paperweight.

I bought a cover for the doorbell thinking that may help, but it is more to prevent rain hitting the unit and didn’t work. I have seen via a post from a Ring agent embedded elsewhere in the forum about using Rain X. Reading the product description on the anti fog, it says not to use on plastic, so has anyone used it successfully?

Environmental issues can be tough ones to resolve, however, you are taking some great steps to do so. Moisture or condensation in an area can be seasonal, but also could be due to the wetness of that environment. We’ve seen neighbors report success with using products like rain-x or anti fog solutions. Great call on reading the disclaimers on any solution you decide to use. If you do apply anything to the lens, I recommend putting it on a cloth first and wiping the lens, rather than putting directly on your Ring device.

Sometimes it can be a matter of mounting location. For instance, you may have more moisture closer to the ground or a garden, whereas a Camera mounted higher up would not have this issue. Check out different Cameras and mounting solutions at Ring.com :slight_smile:

Thanks for the reply @Marley_Ring Marley. I can’t raise the doorbell any higher. The instructions said to mount roughly 4 foot from the ground which is where it is. I would need to use one of the wedges to aim it down, as the view is already loads of skyline. It would be good to know if the Ring lens is glass though, I a m sure it must be otherwise they would be easily scratched in a outside environment.


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