Length of Time Between Doorbell Push Activity

Good Morning - I just noticed that you have to wait right about a minute after pushing the doorbell (Ring Pro) for the first time, and things happening (being alerted, chimes, etc.) before the doorbell can be pushed a second time and anything taking place - no ring, no alert, no notification.

Is this normal? I don’t know too many delivery people, USPS, FedEx, UPS who will wait around that long just to push the button again - not to mention other people as well.


Hey @Brian_10101. To clarify, when the button on the Pro is pressed, is everything working as normal? Do you receive an alert, does the event appear in the Event History log after? When the button on the Doorbell is pressed, it activates the Camera and begins recording the event. Once the recording is done, it then processes and is uploaded in the Event History log on your Ring App. This is why the Doorbell will not ring and trigger a new event if it is rung a second time shortly after the first ring.

I’ve noticed the same thing; push the button, see the blue circle start twirlling and while it’s twirlling pushing the button again does nothing. In my case the “lag” is on the order of 45 - 50 seconds. That’s too long and it seems like this behavior began when we had to start the subscription program after the 1-year “free” period expired.

All in all I’ve been disappointed by the Ring. We’ve gone through times when we are not getting notifications of front doorbell rings and motion at the front door, and the app that comes with the product is a holy mess. On the main page that comes up with the Android app I’ve got 13!!! different icons I can click, (most of which give you no idea what’s going to happen when you select it), leading to a tangle of additional menus and selections. This needs some serious clean up.