Legalities of ring doorbell in a condo (Los Angeles, CA)

So I want to install a ring doorbell on my condo, which would be recording my front door and part of an interior hallway that my direct neighbors walk through to get to their units. The hallway is a common area. My HOA does not necessary ban video doorbells, but they told me that it is “illegal to record others’ audio without their consent” so they are not letting anyone install the video doorbell because of the legalities and “liability.” They said I could install something that has no audio (apparently a camera in light bulb that points directly at the floor of my front door only, which seems like a spay gadget tbh), but I think that is some made up rule that they don’t know much about. They had no citations for this law so I’m seeking help here.

In my research, it seems like there is a wiretapping law in California:

Though it is illegal under California wiretapping laws to record another person without his or her knowledge and consent, most people use doorbell cameras for security purposes. Unless you are deliberately using a recording for exploitive or commercial purposes, you face little risk of facing charges for violating wiretapping laws through your everyday use of a doorbell camera.

There seems to be worry about the HOA being liable for a neighbor’s lack of privacy in the common area or, for example, “picking up audio from inside of someone’s unit” (per my HOA). I’m wondering what the difference is between having a ring doorbell in a house with an HOA (records neighbors walking by on the sidewalk and delivery people) and having a ring doorbell in a common area (hallway).

Thank you!