LED Light showing in the dark

Can anyone tell me how to stop the white circle from glowing? I just had a Ring Elite Video Bell installed. They took the existing telephone wiring that served the intercom on my gate and put Ethernet plugs at either end so that I could use a ring bell. The intercom had a tiny red light around the button so that it could be found in the dark, however the light on the ring bell is white and I can see it reflected off license plates in the parking lot. I am worried that our development will be unhappy with this as we are not allowed to install anything that emits light. They were ok about having a ring bell and the only condition I had to agree to was that the chime when the button is pressed was silenced. I would like the light to go away!

Hi @djaylulu. This Help Center article here has information on the light patterns for your Doorbell. A solid white LED indicates that the Doorbell is wired. I hope this helps.