Leaving while in home mode

What am I supposed to do if I am currently in home mode and want to leave. I would like the system to remain in home mode. I was in home mode and I entered my code and pressed the home mode. I opened my front door and closed it. I assumed this would work and not trip the alarm but my alarm ended up going off. Please help.


To clarify, I’m looking for a delay exit when in home mode. The use case is I’m leaving for work but want to leave the system in home mode because there are still people in the house.

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Home means your permimeter sensors are armed. So open a door or window will set off the alarm. You need to disarm before you open anything. Away would mean motion detectors are armed.

Yes, I am aware what the two modes are. Here is the use case, I leave for work in the morning but my wife is still home. I would like to leave the house in home mode since she is still in the house.

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Ok, you would need to make sure the device sensor is listed as the main door in the base settings and not a window. Then you can set a delay so you have time to exit before it turns that door’s sensor on.

Here’s how to set the delay.

To arm your system using the keypad:

  • Enter your user code.
  • Press the Home Mode button or Away Mode button.

When you have changed your mode, your system will begin a timed countdown before arming itself. This is called an “Exit Delay,” and it gives you time to leave your home before the system arms itself. This system can be set to Home mode with a delay time ranging from 0 to 180 seconds or Away Mode which can be set between 30 and 180 seconds.

To configure your exit delay:

  • Tap the three-lined icon on the upper left-hand side of your screen.
  • Tap Location Settings.
  • Tap Modes.
  • Tap “Home” or “Away.”
  • Tap “Exit Delay.”
  • Set the exit delay for the amount of time you wish.

Hi all…sorry for a newbie question but I don’t see “Modes” under Location Settings for my Ring. Very much anticipating this new feature.


Do you have an alarm Base station setup? Modes only work with alarm, not cameras.

Typically you want a zero second delay when in Home mode. You want the alarm to go off immediately, not have to wait the default 15 or 30 seconds (Ring needs to fix this and make shorter times like 5 or 10 seconds for “Away” mode BTW).

Why would you not simply disarm the system from your phone, exit the house and arm it again once you close the door?

I’d like to be able to do the same as sdngo is looking to do. My wife usually places the alarm into “Home” mode before going to bed. I’m usually the first to leave early in the morning, and I’m hoping there’s a way to exit out the door without having to disarm and then having to reach for my phone just to arm it to “Home” again (the current way I do it). I had the nest alarm system before this and they have a “quite open” button on each of their sensors that would allow you to exit without having to completely disarm. The alarm system I had before the nest also had a quick exit button on the keypad that did pretty much the same thing as the “quite open”, so I kind of got spoiled and I’m missing this feature so much that I’m thinking of going back to the nest alarm.

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Under Settings go to Modes

Then pick which mode you want to set the exit and entry times for.

They go from zero seconds to 180 seconds.

I don’t believe an exit delay would work in my case. The alarm is set to “home” mode the night before, so by the time I leave in the morning it’s already been set for several hours.