Leaving ring one on charger 24/7

I recent found a power cable that can be permently attached to the ring doorbell 1 USB port to continuously charge the doorbell instead of attaching it to a transformer with a resistor. Will this cause premature wear on the battery or is it the same as be charged by be hard wired??

I use the Ring charger with my Doorbell pro. It works fine. Don’t know about the doorbell or doorbell 2.

I have the same question, I have an old blackberry charger that I would like to use rather than buying a special 24 VAC power supply. Did you ever get an answer? I have a doorbell 1 and the color is terrible so I’ve purchased and installed a doorbell 2 on my front door and now I want to move the old doorbell to the back door or to my basement but will need power as I don’t want to recharge all the time.