Leaving but not arriving

Recently installed a Ring Pro, worked fine for a while but lately it is recording departures, but not seeing arrivals. I find video records of guests departing, but a complete absence of any indication they ever arrived? Any suggestions?

I have something similar. Saw Fedex arrive, but never saw him leave. But on another viewing of my porch, saw the Fedex packages sitting there. Reviewed the video and never saw him/her leave. This is annoying. Defeats the purpose of having it.

Hi neighbors! Many times when a Doorbell is detecting the departure of a visitor but not the arrival, it is due to stairs leading up to your door. A sloped or raised entry way can present a scenario in which a Wedge Kit can help to ensure the Doorbell is focusing on approaching visitors. The same goes for mounting on a perpendicular wall, in which a Corner Kit can help with.

Besides environment and mounting angle, testing different motion settings and ensuring for a strong wifi signal strength can help with detection accuracy. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: