Leaving a charger permanently connected to the USB charging port

In my situation with my Ring Doorbell 1st Gen I can leave the charger plugged in permanently as I am not using the wall mount. In the app it says hardwired. I was thinking this is the same situation as the Ring available solar charger?
What I would like to know is it safe to have a charger permanently connected. (I am using a 850mw phone charger)

Hi @Buddynz. The doorbell is not intended to be used this way. It’s best to charge your doorbell using the micro USB cable, then disconnect the cable and mount your doorbell.

That’s not an answer. Can I leave a ring doorbell plugged into usb charger. It’s inside. I use it as a pet monitor. Am I doing harm to the unit?

Hi @Charlie943. The answer is no. No, you can’t leave it plugged into the USB charger. This Google search here highlights the risks of doing this. Rechargeable batteries are not designed to be constantly connected to power.

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