Launch routine on Alexa if Alarm is Ringing


I would like to have a series of action on my other smart devices if Ring Alarm is ringing : switch on lights, open electrical curtains, play loud music on sonos, launch my vacuum cleaner etc.

Is there a way to do this in Alexa or using third party app (IFTT, etc.). If yes, how?

In alexa, i can only select routine that would trigger when Ring is armed in specific mode but not if the alarm end up ringing.

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Your Ring Alarm can certainly integrate with Alexa. Other Ring devices can also be linked in the Ring app to work with the Ring Alarm. The below article will help with more information, and I’m sure other neighbors will also chime in with some great integration suggestions. :slight_smile:

Hi Marley,

Thanks for the answer.
I know Ring & Alexa work together as I already have a few routines set up that works great (arm disarm, etc.).
But what I want to know specificially is if there is a way to create routine when the Alarm/Siren is ringing (because a thief is inside). In the routine, if I select the Ring Base, i can set the routine when Ring is armed/ away / disarmed… but not when the siren is on. Is there a work around for this?

I am sure to have seen at least a video where if the siren is triggered, the vacuum cleaner would switch on (which i found funny).

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It sounds like you are doing everything correctly. You’ll likely want this for an armed mode, and there should be an option to create an Alexa routine based off Alarm alerts, rather than modes.
Try selecting armed mode to test if a mode change (siren) will result in the automation you’re looking for.

Something like this will likely be based on either the Alarm event notification or involve using another component for it to work together. Smart Outlets and Switches that are list on our Works With Ring page will help greatly in adding additional options to be controlled or used with your Alarm. Adding a secondary smart device might allow you to specify it’s action in Alexa routines, or create a routine based on that.

Feel free to check around the Community to see other integration options, Alexa routines, or even IFTTT suggestions that might work for you. :slight_smile: