Latest Web Page Release

On the web page for viewing Ring Cameras, the “Devices” tab no longer lists the cameras … there is now only a link to “Camera History”.

This is COMPLETELY DISFUNCTIONAL. I can no longer quickly scroll through, camera by camera, to mass select and delete in an efficient manner. Bring back the functionality you took from us! You cannot manage the videos from 9 cameras using the “HISTORY” tab with any level of efficiency. It is too cumbersome, the typesets and indicators are poorly displayed and not manageable.

Someone who decided to remove this functionality, who thinks that it was redundant and unnescessary has obviously NEVER managed a collection of cameras for daily review and archiving purposes.


Hi @RMA_Engineer. Would you be able to share a screenshot of what you’re seeing on the web page, specifically with the “Devices” tab and the “Camera History”? Feel free to block out any device names or any other personal information, I’d just like to get a better idea of what you’re seeing on your end. :slight_smile:

Here’s one example.

I selected my FrontYard-NorthEast camera and started to review the videos. I delete those that are not needed, and I Favorite those I want to archive later.

This screen shot shows a “quirky” sort of the cameras after a dozen files have been reviewed (11 were deleted and one was Favorited.) Now, at the top of the list, are recordings from 8:11am and 8:10am … and the one I am working on (8:47am) now below them.

  1. When I delete a file at the top of the list, the screen refreshes and the cursor goes to the next file. That’s good. BUT once I am not working on the TOP item in the list, when I delete the file, the cursor goes back to the TOP of the list. That means every time I want to view the next file I have to manually select it which adds wasted effort to go through the list of videos in a methodical fashion. Once I start to Favorite multiple files in the sort, I am constantly having to scroll down and select the newest unviewed file to continue my reviews. The NEXT video should always be displayed when deleting the current video, unless it doesn’t exist, in which case show the video just “above” the one just deleted, or, of course, the error message … no more videos.

  2. It isn’t happening today, but just yesterday I had selected this sort, was viewing and deleting, and suddenly the list showed files for a different camera! Because of the behavior described above, the video playing shifted to the first video for this different camera. This usually happened within 3 or 4 file views of the sorted cameras. I did not save a screenshot of this but I will if it happens again.

That’s a start …

Here’s an example of the bizarre (yes, a bit emotional) file naming convention that comes with downloading from the web app.

This file should be named: [2021-08-21T111000]-FrontYard-SouthEast-Motion.mp4 in order to parallel the way the Windows Application works. You can see how useful it is to search by file name for a camera, a date or a time of day amongst a collection of downloaded files.

Here’s another one. I was reviewing, deleting and making some favorites for later archiving. I had not selected a specific camera, so all were included.

The list of videos on the left window first became out of sequence, as in my previous post, with earlier videos at the top of the list and more current videos at the bottom, including some of the videos I had marked as favorites.

Then I got an error message indicating that my selected video could not be displayed, and all of the remaining items in the list were the same item repeated. Note the camera, date and time are the same for all the remaining entries. I scrolled down the list and found no other entries.

Refreshing the web page corrected the situation.

Bob Agresta

Hang on a minute!

Are features different for users in North America compared to the UK? Because this is what my version of the webpage looks like, and it is much more limited!

And this is yet another oddity …

I was reviewing the camera recordings for FrontYard-NorthEast. After reviewing three ( I deleted the first, Favorited the 2nd, deleted the third) when the list on the right refreshed it showed the recordings for FrontYard-SouthEast !

So I scrolled down the left window to see what was in this sort list … it had ALL the FrontYard_NorthEast (60 days worth), followed by the FrontYard_SouthEast (60 days worth). Here’s a screenshot half way through the list.

Very odd. My system has 9 devices. 8 Cameras and a Doorbell, but only two of the devices’ recordings showed up in this list that was supposed to be for the one camera, FrontYard_NorthEast.

I refreshed the page with the web page refresh button and it returned to normal.

This sort behavior happens regularly, but not predictably.