Latest update does not work properly

Ever since I installed the new update this week my app is not working properly. There is a 2 to 15 second delay on events and in live view after you end the view the app crashes. My wifi is fine. Its the buggy app. Please fix! How is this supposed to keep my family safe?

I haven’t experienced any crashing issues or issues with live view, but I have noticed that when I open the app in an area where I have poor cell service it seems to reset itself and shows me the notice about the battery devices being affected by the cold, and I get the new feature announcements at the bottom of the app screen. It also shows the rich notifications as a “new” feature. I can clear all these off, but the next time I have a poor data connection it all comes back again. Kind of annoying.

Have you tried deleting the app, rebooting the phone, and then reinstalling the app?