Latest notification not showing video

My ring cam will send a notification to my phone with a snap shot of who set it off. If I touch the snap shot it takes me to the ring app to browse videos or go live, but the latest video isn’t there. I have to close the app then reopen it and there the new video is.
Is this a normal?
Cheers in advance

Hi @robindb. There is a few timing variables that will affect how this works. The camera detecting motion will trigger a recording and then send you a Rich Notification on your phone. The time it takes from the motion event to the time you open the notification will dictate what happens next. If you are still in the time frame of that event, it will go to Live View. If the event has reached its video length, it will take you to the recording of that event. You can find out more about the Video Record Length here. I hope this helps!