Latest iPad ring app fails to show in app live view following events

Latest version no longer automatically shows the door video feed when there is motion or ring with the app open. We have a dedicated tablet on the wall to show the video which is currently useless :confused:

Hi @CableGuy10! The video should appear as long as the Ring app is open on the IPad, the in-app notifications toggle is off in your device settings, and the lock screen is not on. I recommend also checking for any IPad updates. Feel free to also remove and reinstall the Ring application to see if this improves live event connection.

Hi, Thanks for the reply :slight_smile:

Ive tried everything you have mentioned and have been using the app for a long time as it’s a wall mounted iPad Air dedicated to show the Ring video door bell.

The issue is that the video will show automatically but only once. Unless you physically touch the cross to close the finished video it will not show any more automatically. Was working fine a couple of months ago and I’ve been hoping the recent updates would fix the problem but it’s remaining the same :confused: