Last MacOS update not allowing login?

Latest of the MacOS Ring App keeps giving me “Unauthorized” when I go to log in.

Recently switched to a new MacBook.

Web Login works okay with username/password, but sent a 2-factor code from Ring to my phone to verify identity.

Is the Mac App being blocked because it won’t do the 2-Factor process yet, or is the MacOS app treating my long/complex password differently than the web-interface?


So apparently the last MacOS client update was hanging. Deleting and re-installing the app fixed the issue, and allowed the two-factor authentication to succeed.

(If anyone else has been seeing this problem).

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Thank you for sharing your experience @TomGilheany, as well as for the update on the solution you found! We’ve marked your update as a solution for other neighbors in the Community :slight_smile:

I can’t login to ring app on mac. After the app logged out 4 days ago, I can’t login at all. After I enter my credentials then enter the code sent by email, it just goes back to the login screen.

Also, my Galaxy S9+ app have been crashing everytime I open it for the past 2 to 3 weeks. If im patient enough to wait for a minute or two after i open the app and then click on the live view it works, but still there’s nothing in the timeline no history of events.

Please advise because I’m starting to lose my mind and i’m quite sure no one will refund my two cameras.