Landlord renting house with Ring Doorbell

I am renting a house and would like to install a Ring doorbell for the renters. I want to avoid having the renter set up the Ring doorbell under their account as my understanding is that I could lose access to the Ring doorbell if they leave and do not deactivate the device.
I understand that I could share the device but settings for the renter are limited. Could some explain which settings are limited?

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Well, I came here with the same question that Stripes 99 had. You took the time to write an entire paragraph to a question no one asked. I didn’t read where she asked if anyone thought it was a good idea. Maybe, just maybe, the idea to have one at a rental home IS BECAUSE IT ADDS TO THE HOME!!! Maybe, just maybe, IT WOULD BE AN UPGRADE FOR THE RENTER!!! My Lord.

I came here for the same question. Did you ever end up doing this or have any information you could share?

Hi neighbors. Please be mindful of our Community Guidelines and remember to keep it polite and respectful of other members of the Community, including what choices they make for their home security needs. As for the original question, you can find information on Shared Users in our Help Center article here. That article will list out what Shared Users can and can’t do so you can decide what setup will work best for your rental or your home. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Hi. I bought a doorbell for my tenants and have experienced the situation you describe, but it is not as bad as it seems.

Firstly and most importantly - keep the box (well, the bit of the box with the barcode anyway) and keep the receipt.

  • There is no landlord solution so you have to let the tenants register the device under their name. You should not use the share option as that would give you access to the cameras and that seems inappropriate and probably illegal in some places.
  • If they don’t release ownership of the camera then you will have to take 2 steps:
  1. Use the barcode on the box to attempt setup, which will fail of course, but will give you an option where Ring sends an email to the registered person to ask them to release the camera. If after 14 days it hasn’t been released to you, you need to contact Ring support.
  2. At Ring support, you will go through a few verification steps, which are not always the same. Sometimes it has involved the original receipt, and every time they have involved some kind of proof of ownership of the property. I use the rental agreement (with the tenants names redacted) and that seems to satisfy them.

Be prepared for this to take some time - it has never been a quick call for me - in the region of 45mins on average. But we get there.

It would be nice if they could create some kind of landlord solution. I am proactively offering security solutions to my tenants but the difficulty of this transfer process is making me consider other solutions.

To avoid all of this in the future, I will not release the deposits to tenants until I verify that they have released the devices. Which, with the boxes, I can do from the comfort of my own home! So much simpler - I should have done this sooner!!

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It’s just a thought, but you could include the price with the ring doorbell, and if there’s wires involved swap out the adapter and let them take it when they leave and replace with new. There not very expensive and it would save the hassle of worrying about whether they’ll take it or not. I know I’d feel more apt to rent a property with one regardless of a small fee on top of the initial deposit.

Thanks for the detailed info.

We have a tenant who had a package stolen and wants to put in a ring. We are evaluating providing it for them vs the tenant doing it and taking with them when they leave. Of course we will make sure the installation is done well either way.

Your post was helpful.

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Similar situation here. We used to live in the house and added a lot of Smart Home products that tenants find value in. None of the tenants seem to mind since the cameras are looking at the driveway and the front door porch. Good to know I can release ownership for those that like the cameras for security reasons but are more sensitive to me somehow tracking their movements. Has anyone made a setup video for tenants since they at a minimum need to change the network once they get all their services hooked up(internet access). I will go check youtube. If not, maybe I will make one and post here for people to use.

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