Landlord renting house with Ring Doorbell

I am renting a house and would like to install a Ring doorbell for the renters. I want to avoid having the renter set up the Ring doorbell under their account as my understanding is that I could lose access to the Ring doorbell if they leave and do not deactivate the device.
I understand that I could share the device but settings for the renter are limited. Could some explain which settings are limited?

Maybe you should be asking yourself why are you installing a Ring Doorbell in a rental? Is it for them, or is it for you?
Seems that by you installing it and not giving full control over to your renters you have the potential to invade their privacy. Why would you need notifications for events happening at your rental? Do you need to see who’s coming and going? Packages being delivered? Etc. If you don’t live there then the answer is you don’t.
Probably a much better idea is to encourage your renters to install their own doorbell, if they want. That way they are in full control and encourage them to take it with them when they no longer rent.