Lag between picture and sound on reflection - evidence for court of gun being fired

I set up a ring door bell and captured my wife walk around the corner and allegedly fire a gun four times. The proof is the muzzle blasts that you see as a reflection in the glass of the oven. However, there is a lag between the sound and the reflection and the reflection even “hangs” on the last blast. Does anyone know if there is a lag between sound and picture and what the frame rate of the ring camera is and would that slow down due it being a reflection? Thank you in advance.

One thing to check. If you’re using Bluetooth to connect to the speakers. It won’t match up on playback. Also VLC media player will allow you to correct the sound so it matches the video.
My Ring videos don’t have this issue. Hope this helps.

Thank you eagle. No, I am watching it on a 70’ TV.