Lack of Outdoor Alarm Siren

So how lame is it that Ring discontinued the fabulous outdoor siren product in the USA?

I suspect this is because it did not sell, but that has me ■■■■■■! I need another one of these NOW!

Ring Alarm Outdoor Siren

I own 2 alarms and now what, I need to engineer my own outdoor siren? What pisses me off is they still have this in Europe and I love the product and I want another one! And they won’t sell me one!

What do I need to do to put a LOUD outdoor siren on my Ring alarm system?

Preferably without soldering please… :slight_smile:

Hint - just sell me one of these $100 sirens from the EU and lets get over this :slight_smile:
But in all seriousness this is a thing, and if my neighbor knows my alarm is going off he is a cop and will look. I need this for my second house STAT, please advise on if there will be a 3rd Gen product or what. This is almost the most important piece of the alarm, and the void in the product line has me dumbfounded.

This is the reason its not available in the US.

ADT and Ring Settle Trademark Dispute

June 24, 2021 at 1:13 PM EDT

Ring will release a new version of its Outdoor Siren product and will discontinue the marketing and sale of the current design