Lack of install info & needs has cost us $$$- BEWARE!!

We had a Ring doorbell pro. We bought the specified hardwire plug in power supply to hardwire it because our existing doorbell circuit was unuseable.

All went well for a couple months then the doorbell kept loosing wifi & got super hot. Okay, stuff happens so now we have a brand new Ring doorbell 3 to replace it. The power supply for the pro will not work for the 3- confirmed yesterday by customer support. Fine.

Then I started going through the community posts. Finding a post about HOT doorbells-the power supply hardwired for several models of Ring doorbells needs a wirewound resistor installed in line from transformer to doorbell! NO WHERE in the instructions that came with the doorbell is this mentioned! Why wasn’t this mentioned when i bought the doorbell pro power supply directly from Ring was this mentioned? Yeah it has a diode inside just for this doorbell but oviously no resistor. Try & find the resistor in the online store- if it wasn’t for a reply to a previous post I would have never known!

So the doorbell pro is powerless (unplugged) until I can replace it with the doorbell 3 AFTER I receive the wirewound resistor needed for the hardwire power source. I’m pretty sure the doorbell pro is damaged.

My main gripe beyond the $$ and time this has cost us is WHY is this resistor not mentioned in any instructions that came with the unit? Either unit!! Thankfully I did my own research before the new one was “plugged in”. WOW Ring- you really need to provide better info on these things. Show this item in your online list of sale items too with details. I wonder how many other people have had this same problem. Shameful.

I have the Ring Pro doorbell and I use the Ring power supply. I haven’t had any issues with it being hot or not working for almost a year now. So it’s not all that have this issue. I don’t own the newer pro model though.

Also, no resistor used as well.

I’m honestly glad it has worked out for you but if you have it hardwired make sure you have the resistor!!