Kwikset 916 Smartcode locks will not sync with the Ring app/system

As the title says, my Kwikset 916 Smartcode locks are no longer syncing with the Ring app/system. I have had these locks for nearly 4 years now and they have worked just fine. Now, not so fine. I changed the batteries on one today and went to look at it in the Ring app. All three locks showed on the Ring app that they are offline. In event history, it shows that all three locks went offline on 9/23/2023.

I have restarted my modem and router. I did a soft reset on the Ring base station. I did a factory reset on one of the Kwikset locks and then tried to add it back to the system. The Ring App/base station tries to connect and then it says that it cannot find the device.

Anybody have any suggestions that I can try, short of buying three new “smart” locks?

I have gotten all three locks to connect to Ring again. The first one was finally recognized by the Ring system and then it configured fine.

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Hi @fabsroman. Glad you got this figured out.