Keypads loosing connections on regular basis

Recently, I have been experiencing an issue with Ring Alarm Keypads losing their connection to the base. I have one system with three Keypads that has been fine for 9 months. Now all three will go offline at nearly the same time. I can reset using the APP and they will be fine for hours or a couple of days, then drop offline again. I have five other systems and each is experiencing the same issue!! This tells me it is definitely an issue with the Ring system and most likely a software issue.

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Same here, i made i post about it a few days ago myself. it got to the point that both keypads failed in the same day and refuse to reconnect no matter what we have done to troubleshoot with ring support. They decided to send replacement keypads, possibly a bad batch? Mine was the 2 keypad kit from bestbuy

Hey @pdmadden , we’re sorry to hear of this concern with multiple Alarm Keypads. This certainly sounds to be more advanced and our support team would be able to provide the best assistance in achieving a solution quickly. Please give us a call at 800-656-1918, thank you!