Keypad Malfunction; Modes lights won't change

The modes no longer light up on my security system; first generation, keypad. The modes change on the controller base station fine; both the light color and announcement are correct. But it’s unnerving to not see the proper lights change on the keypad at the door! I’ve screwed around with this for two days; my cell phone has been off and no several times, for example, I think the keypad is probably bad. John

Hi @RingCommunity! The best next step will be to charge the Keypad for several hours, or even try this with the Keypad plugged in versus unplugged, to see if the light indicators will change.

Check out our Community post about Keypad lights to see if these details might help! If not, check out our help center article which feature further troubleshooting steps such as a Keypad reset. Feel free to let us know how this goes! :slight_smile:

I resolved the issue. I didn’t realize that there was a reset button on the back of the keypad, pressing that fixed it. All Ring products should come with a user manual, or at least post all sold products user manual online. That would save so much time for everyone. TY for your suggest, though.

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