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Is there a setting to always show which mode is active on the keypad in battery mode. I would like the status light to be constant like the base station

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I 1000% agree paul022. I think it’s an oversight on rings part to not illuminate the alarm keypad with the current alarm mode. Hopefully, they can address this with firmware. Every alarm system I have had experience with indicates via the keypad the alarm state.

@paul022 wrote:
Is there a setting to always show which mode is active on the keypad in battery mode. I would like the status light to be constant like the base station

Hello @paul022 and @halbertech ,

Currently, there is not a way, nor a setting, to keep the Alarm Mode buttons on the Gen2 Keypads always illuminated. It is kind of ironic because the original Gen1 Keypad light always remained on, and there were numerous complaints about not being able to turn them off. Some found it very distracting, especially when an additional keypad was in the bedroom at night. So, Ring listened to the complaints, and designed the Gen2 with a motion sensor, so when you approach it or your hand gets close to it, then the Alarm Mode lights do illuminate. This is one reason to mount your Gen2 Keypad in a location where as you depart/enter the keypad’s motion sensor will detect and turn on the lights.

The Gen1 Keypad is still available (and on sale) and IS compatible with your Gen2 Alarm Base Station. You could purchase a Gen1 if you do indeed prefer the lights always on:

In the meantime, you aren’t alone! Although there are several regular forum posts already (like here in the Ring Alarm forum) about this additional option you want, the Feature Request Board forum is where Ring Team look to see what improvements people might want. And the more “Thumbs Up” Kudo votes they see there will better get their attention, increasing the chances of them providing that request. You should click on the below links and add your Kudo vote, if you like the requesting author’s idea (add your “Thumbs Up” Kudo vote on the left side of the author’s starting post), to help get the attention of the Ring Teams on the links below (these are similar requests for a “2nd Gen Keypad Light Option”, and I’ve probably missed quite a few others):

Submitted by Braydenw3

Submitted by 5150Joel

Submitted by nra4him

Submitted by Delqath

Submitted by ppal1981

Submitted by SoCalTan

I hope you find this information useful. :slight_smile:


Thank you Boone! The power save off mode was the key to resolving this. I didn’t see this in the guide.

Motion detection is quite an elegant way to fix. Had it been up to me, I would have simply designed a cover to shade the status LED’s.

Thanks again!


Excellent post.

I recently installed a ring system from BestBuy and I am loving it. I purchased an additional keypad so we had two keypads.

The packaged kit keypad is located in our pantry and the additional purchased keypad is in our master bedroom. Both have power save mode OFF. The keypad in the bedroom will illuminate and correctly display the mode activated. However, the keypad downstairs in our pantry/entry does not (does illuminate) but the mode buttons are all “white.”

Any suggestions? Both have updated firmware. Call ring and ask for a replacement?

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Hello @TPGRN331 ,

The 2nd Generation keypad (power save mode OFF) should illuminate all keys white with the current arm mode highlighted too (blue in Disarm or red in Home/Away), when you get near the keypad’s motion sensor.

I would first try the link below to troubleshoot your keypad. You might have to perform a Factory Reset, which will wipe any potentially corrupted updated Firmware back to factory settings. Once you re-setup the keypad again, it will update the firmware again.

If after troubleshooting your keypad does not resolve your issue, then I would call Ring Support for additional help at:

Unfortunately, due to the Covid-19, you may encounter slightly longer than normal wait times:

I hope you find this information helpful. :wink:

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Hey neighbors, you can now choose between the following 3 modes for the Ring Alarm Keypad (2nd Generation):

  • Keep Mode Button Lit. LED lights will stay on at all times (when plugged into a working power source).
  • Motion Turns on Lights. LEDs light up when sensing motion.
  • Button Press Turns on Lights. LEDs light up only when you press a button on your Keypad (preserves battery power).

To choose Keypad modes, open your Ring app, navigate to your Keypad device on the main menu, then go to the LED Settings tile. You can learn more in this Help Center article. :slight_smile:

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