Keypad has no siren

First, I love the Ring alarm. The depth of thought that went into the design was staggeringly good
One caveat: In a large house, at night while I sleep the kids come and go so I turned down the keypad volume. Sadly, there is no siren in the keypad so when the siren goes off on the other side of the house my keypad just sits there. I’m asleep, the siren is sounding and I have NO idea it is happening. Even the little stick up cameras have sirens. Why, seriously, WHY does the keypad not have any notification code in it’s firmware that over rides the volume setting on the keypad so it can shout, “Yo! Your siren is going off. YOU HAVE A BREACH IN PROGRESS.” Just a thought for the firmware guys…

It’s because they sell a siren that can be placed anywhere inside the house.

Hey @Gadfly57! The Keypad does indeed have a siren which sounds when the Base Station does. Just like the Base Station, regardless of volume settings, your Keypad should sound it’s siren at full volume if the system is triggered. Please ensure the Keypad is in range of the Base Station to confirm the signal to siren is reaching the Keypad efficiently. Also, check out our Keypad FAQ which will reflect this information and more towards the bottom of the page.

If the above checks out and no siren is sounding from your Keypad, try checking for an update. This help center article contains steps on checking and updating firmware on your Keypad. If this still does not obtain the intended functionality, I recommend reaching out to our support team, at 800-656-1918, for more in-depth troubleshooting.

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I saw the statement you referred to, in the FAQ, however, the keypad does not sound a siren when the system siren sounds. I have tried it on battery power. Tried it while plugged in to power source. I ordered the DOME siren. Someone needs to change the documentation or explain what I am doing wrong.


If you just do the test siren from base station the siren will not sound from keypad. Make sure you go to settings and do self monitoring and do the test from your dashboard and use panic button (red exclamation point top right)or trigger alarm. But make sure you are set on self monitoring.

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