Keypad (Gen 2) how to increase volume of alarm speech + tones

I have the same issue. I’ve increased the volume of the base station and keypad and at its loudest we can hear the alarm go off in the house but the keypad chime is still low and there is no way a neighbor would hear the alarm if it went off. The alarm isn’t loud compared to other security products I’ve had before. Can this be fixed? It doesn’t look like it? I’m close to asking for a refund if it can’t be fixed

I recently “upgraded” from a gen. 1 keypad to a gen. 2 keypad and the Entry Delay volume of the gen. 2 keypad, even at max volume in the app, was insanely quiet. I’m sending the gen. 2 keypad back to Ring and keeping my gen. 1 keypad.

I called Ring customer service and just got the runaround (a total waste of time) on increasing the volume in the app. Hey Ring, the volume is on 100% and this thing is as quiet as a church mouse!

Ring must know this is a problem. I talked to three customer service people and none of them told me they had heard this was a problem. I find that impossible to believe.

+1 to this being a big problem requiring a fix. I love the ring system other than this. However, the super quiet entry tone has more that once caused us issues.

Totally agree. I literally just walked in the house and set off my alarm because I didn’t hear it going off. Ring, PLEASE send us an update this is ridiculous.