Keypad (Gen 2) how to increase volume of alarm speech + tones

I’m 3 weeks into configuring my system with two keypads for 3 entry doors (among other things not relevant to this issue). The issue I’m having is that the two audible events (voice notification, and countdown chirp) which occur whenever a door is opened in an alarmed state are FAR too quiet to be effective. I have two kids and two dogs, and when entering the house with them in even a mild-mannered state, it’s not possible to hear the keypad sounds over just the sounds of movement over hardwood floor!

In more detail, the voice notice volume is ALMOST loud enough, if it could be boosted maybe 25% more it would be sufficient to hear all the time. Unfortunately, the combination of the volume and pitch of the countdown tone (pleasant "whoomp, whoomp) can’t be heard unless alone and dead quiet - we hear it at night if someone opens the door to let dogs out, but that’s it!

How can these events be boosted in volume to be effective enough NOT to trip a police visit? I’m not enabling the professional monitoring I’m paying for until I can guarantee my family won’t get SWAT’ed by Amazon!


Hey @estairplusplus. Have you tried adjusting the volume on your Base Station and Keypad? If you go into the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Alarm Base Station > Base Station/Keypad, there are audio adjusts you can make to the volume. I recommend playing around to see what is loud enough for you. If you find it’s still not loud enough, please let me know and I’m happy to pass on the feedback. :slight_smile:

Thanks for responding and the suggestion! Yes, volume slider is already at the max.


I agree with the OP, way too quite! And I have both the keypad and base station to the max!


The gen2 keypad is to quiet, even at full volume. Why is it so much quieter than the gen1?

Can this be fixed with an update?

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Hey neighbors! Maximizing the volume within the Ring app was certainly the best first. I recommend also checking out the available chirp tones to see if one sound might be more distinct than another. Keep in mind, you are able to have multiple Keypads at one location. If the sound is not travelling through your home, adding another Keypad might help for audible coverage.

As we always value our neighbors’ feedback and experience, I’ll certainly share your feedback with our teams here. :slight_smile:

We agree. Our family just installed the version 2 Ring alarm system. The volume of the keypad is way too quiet. Very difficult to hear. Is there any way to change the sound used when arming in away mode? We have the volume set to the maximum. This is disappointing as we were used to a Honeywell alarm keypad that had a very loud and pronounced beep that let you know exactly what was happening. Any help or guidance to increase the volume or change the tones/sounds would be welcomed.


My family and I have the same problem. We’re setting off the alarm unintentionally about 3x week. We have 3 young children and when everyone walks through the door talking (sometimes yelling :slight_smile: ) it’s nearly impossible to hear the base station; both it and the key pad are max volume.
We have countless Alexa devices around our house and wish there was a way to enable more ring communication like countdown, alarm siren, etc from Alexa dots, echos, and even our Alexa-enabled Ecobee thermostats

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I have the same problem. If you can’t somehow enable more volume with a firmware update please consider changing the alert tone to something that catches your attention.

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Same problem here. I wanted to mount the keypad in a closet but we just cant hear it and forget to disarm. The volume adjustment seems to only affect the base station. The keypad volume does not seem to change. Another solution might be to allow for an auxiliary speaker so the keypad can be mounted out of sight without affecting the audible warnings.

Thank you for this continued feedback, neighbors! As mentioned prior in this thread, if you visit the Ring app > Main Menu > Devices > Alarm Base Station > Keypad > Audio Settings, this should present a volume slider. This volume control is for the chirps/ delay sounds played by the Keypad, and it does not impact the siren volume. There can also be multiple Keypads at one location, which many neighbors will add more to cover key areas of the home with sound and access.

As we always value our neighbors’ feedback, feel free to add any related requests on our Feature Request Board. This way other neighbors can share their interest in one place, that we can organize and share with our teams here. :slight_smile:

Ring, y’all just need to send a firmware update with new tones or an insane volume that people can hear from the keypad. Telling everyone over and over to increase the volume from the app doesn’t fix it. Y’all need to make it as loud as the base station end of story, so people actually know when something is opened or the countdown to disarm the system begins.


This is a big problem- at maximum volume the keypad is still difficult to hear. This criticism has been around for over a year - why no fix?


Need more volume on warnings. Is auxiliary speaker available?

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Agreed on this, we have a new gen 2 system. The family is used to old ADT system where the chirps were loud enough to tell you the countdown was happening. But we’re tripping off the full alarm now due to not hearing the countdown. The volumes on all the devices are 100%


Please provide a software update with louder chirping…just got a visit from police :frowning: how embarrassing. It was just too chaotic with the dogs this morning and went out to walk them and did not even notice the alarm alerts - sigh!

We love ring…but man, we need louder alerts please!

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Yes, totally agree. Oddly the chirps are reasonably (acceptably?) loud but the audio during arming or entry is way too quiet. I thought I might be able to trigger a routine on my Alexa which is sitting next to my keypad but sadly this isn’t possible.

So, to summarize:

  • increase audio volume to useful level - no
  • connect an external speaker - no
  • Ring provide a sounder device - no
  • An arming and entry event is made available by the device so that it can trigger a smart device such as an Alexa - no

This isn’t a great situation and Ring really need to address it as this is definitely making my Ring alarm less useful.


Good evening, so it seems Ring support keeps saying the same thing to us “Neighbors,” but it also sounds like we’re doing what their suggestions are. It’s still NOT solving the issue, SO….? RING, are you addressing and fixing this issue that so many users are having problems with? Putting several keypads in one location doesn’t make sense and frankly would look silly. Ring, what are is being done about this? It’s a real critical issue for us “Neighbors.” @Marley_Ring @Chelsea_Ring


I just installed my ring system and everything is working fine but the low volume entry delay sound is a real problem. And yes, I already have the keypad set to max volume. It needs to be AT LEAST twice as loud. Plus the sound it uses is very low-end/mid-range a shrill CHIRP CHIRP would be much better to alert the user that they need to disable the alarm. I worry my cleaning lady will not hear this and forget to disarm some day. I see that this request is quite old. RING PEOPLE, GET ON THIS. My 30 year old ADT system was better at this.


Same here. Chirp tones are fine in my opinion but the arming and entry tones are WAY TOO mild even at MAX volume AMD being next to the keypad. Ring suggests adding more keypads, well isn’t that convenient that you would be able to sell more keypads?? Even if I wore two keypads on my head like headphones this wouldn’t be loud enough. Plenty of sarcasm in that last statement but the facts remain.

Ring, you need to change the tone to a more higher pitched sound and/or increase what the “max volume” is capable of.