Keypad do not recognize the access code

I’ve configured all the system without any visible problem but when tried to use the keypad to arm or desarm the alarm, the keypad do not recognize the 4 digit code defined as access code. When tap the numbers is audible an error sound coming from the keypad and nothing happen. In the app I can see the keypad as part of the system, it’s online, with full battery and I’m able to change the settings. I already changed the access code, created a guest account and also performed a reset and the factory reset but the final result was always the same. Why the keypad do not allow to use the access code? What can I do more?

Hi @Luis_Carneiro. When using the Access Code on your Keypad, you must enter the 4-digit code and then press which Mode you want to set the Alarm in, which is either Disarmed, Home, or Away. Try this and let me know what happens.

Hi Justin, I’ve already done that and do not work. From the info in my account the keypad is connected and online. But when I click on the numbers I hear an error sound and nothing happen.

Hi @Luis_Carneiro. Can you share a video example of what happens when you enter the 4-digit code on your Keypad? You can change the access code after, but there shouldn’t be an error sound associated with entering in the code.