Keypad distance from base station

New to Ring and just installed the alarm system but my keypad in the detached garage loses connection often. It’s about 100ft between the two but there are several interior and exterior walls in the way also. I have a range extender right next to the keypad in an outlet and the sensors in the garage seem to be fine.
Does the keypad connect through the extender or only direct to the base station?
If it’s direct and anyone has any ideas or workarounds, that would be greatly appreciated.

I need the one out there to reach the sensors on the far side of the garage, but I’ll order another one and try that. So just confirming that the keypad DOES travel through the extender and doesn’t have to only connect directly to the base? Thanks

HI @4MC4. Yes, all of the Ring components utilize Z-Wave to connect to and communicate to the Ring Base Station, including the Keypad. As @SolarEclipse suggested, we typically recommend placing the Range Extender about halfway between the Base Station and the Ring Alarm component that you are trying to extend the connection to. Whenever you receive the new Range Extender, set that up at a halfway point and monitor the connection on your Keypad.