Keypad battery

New system I unplug it and it powers off. I thought there is a battery backup. Where is the battery and how do I get to it?

Hey @Divemaster ! The Keypad can certainly be powered by the provided power adapter or the internal battery. When you first setup your Alarm, it’s best to allow the Keypad to charge until the battery indicator is a solid green light.

Check out our Community post which breaks down the Alarm Keypad lights in detail, including the battery indicators. :slight_smile:

I would like to know what type rechargeable battery [Lithium-Ion]? and a common size ? and is this battery User replaceable ? , have to be ordered from Ring. [when it comes time to change.

Gary Bart

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Okay talked to tech support and it turned out there is a pin hole in the back of the unit. All I had to do was turn it off poke the hole for 1 second and bingo everything is working the way it should.

Did you ever get an answer as to the battery type and if we can replace it? I am guessing by the lack of response on this forum, that is not user replacable. However, a confirmation of this would be nice.

Hey @AdamN! You are correct, the Keypad battery is internal and not removable. Each charge should last up to 7 months depending on usage, and much longer if you are frequently using the plug in adapter as a power source. If you feel the Keypad battery is not holding a charge, or charging, we recommend reaching out to our support team, who is always happy to troubleshoot and advise the best steps to take! :slight_smile:

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Thanks Marley for the reply. Just a note about the forum, there is no ‘Accepted Solution’ beside the reply button :slight_smile:

There is no replacement I already posted there is a small hole in the back of the panel you poke it with a pin just for a second and it resets the keyboard everything now works as it should

Yes, you did post that there is a small hole in the back of the unit … but that didn’t mean that there was no replacable battery. All good, Marley has now confirmed this!