Keypad Battery - How long does yours last?

I read on the Ring site the keypad battery should last 6-9 months depending on usage and power save mode. Mine was fully charged a week ago, and is already down to half. So, I will get about 2 weeks out of it. Is this normal? I do not run power saving mode, and its use is average. I would not expect it to drop from 6 months to 2 weeks with average use! This 6-9 months rating must be if you don’t even touch it! Or, is mine defective?

Glad you asked @AdamN ! The charge life expectancy is dependent on usage of course, but your Keypad battery should not be draining this quickly. To add to usage, make sure the Keypad is well within range of the Base Station, and that it is being used indoors. If this concern persists, I recommend reaching out to our support team, as they can troubleshoot more in depth.

Thanks for the reply Marley, I will wait for it to die completely so I have a full time frame, then I will contact support. Its been about a week and a half now, and my battery went from full charge to 50%.

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Had my system for 6months+ now and both my Gen1 keypads show around 50% that I use everyday. Maybe you got one that was deffective. YES this happens! I have gotten many defective items - this happens with everything you buy! I’ve had about a 75% good rating of things I’ve bought (Not just Ring products) after mass-production there is always a “failure rate or percentage”. If you have ordered enough electronics as I have you will will see a failure rate as I have and is par for the course - YES! it sucks to have to replace the items but this happens - not everthing is perfect! This does not mean the product is “BAD” a “BUM” device happens all the time…

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You ok there Zatt? Maybe you should see a doc for your condition.