Keybad 1st gen: usb connector came off

I bought a Ring set with a subscription a long time ago. And my keypad (1st gen) is wall-mounted, and powered via USB. Recently, I replaced the outlet with USB port so no need for a plug. And I decided to replace the original USB cable with a shorter cable. I unplugged the old one and plugged a new one. I didn’t realize anything wrong.
Later I realized that the keypad was not charging. I checked the wall outlet and there is power. I decided to check the cable, so I unplugged the new, shorter cable and plugged the original one. And at that moment I found that something was wrong and USB connector was not fully inserted.
So, I decided to open keypad and check and I found that USB port inside the keypad came off along with the “tracks” on the board!!!
So poor quality!!! USB was inserted into keypad just 3 or 4 times! How it is possible that there is no any QA for that!

Hi @AndreyS. I’m sorry to hear you experienced some physical damage with your Ring Alarm Keypad. I’d suggest getting in touch with our support team so they can review the damage and your device’s warranty to determine the best resolution.

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