Key push buttons without audio

Any way to make the keypad buttons make noise without the keypad sounding audio?

I don’t really need the hear the delayed alarm noises when the base station is right next to it, but if I turn off the aduio on the keypad, the buttons don’t give any noise/feedback when pressing them?

Your observation is correct @KayakCrazy11! The Keypad volume can be altered, however, this volume setting controls both the buttons and the entry/ exit delay countdown. There is also a toggle to enable/ disable chirps to play through the Keypad.

Keep in mind, this volume does not change the Siren volume as it is intended to sound at full volume when triggered. I’ll be happy to share your feedback with the team! :slight_smile:

Please do pass it on! Key Presses should be able to make noise as a seperate volume adjuster IMO! When I turn the sound off, it seems like the keypad isn’t working. (Even though it is)

Thank you!

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Please, how does one adjust the audio (chirp level) on the keypad? I cannot hear chirps whatsoever during entry and exit delay.


This is done in the app under the Keypad device settings.