Key Fob request

Is anyone else completely annoyed that Ring does not have a key fob like so many of its competitors? Maybe in the works soon and will work with current Ring systems? Fingers crossed!


Most security systems will charge extra for smartphone integration.

Although still a bit of a pain to do it with an iPhone becasue of the lack of integration with either HomeKit or even Siri shortcuts, at least it’s easy to turn on the alarm with Alexa.

Having to give your code or access to the app is not ideal for times when you want to let in people for example that may be stopping by to check on your pets while you are on vacation. If simply safe can offer it as part of base package then Ring should be able to as well.

While not the same as a fob, Ring allows Guest codes that can even be given time restrictions (so a dog walker’s code would only work during the hours you say)

Guest User Scheduling

Hi neighbors! Thank you for sharing your feedback and suggestions. Other neighbors have expressed interest in a key fob and have created a feature request for it on our Feature Request board. You can add your vote by clicking on the request below.

The Feature Request board is the best way for us to gather and share feedback with our teams. :slight_smile: