Keeps saying activating device

I set up my new devices. One is not turning on at all and the other keeps saying activating in live mode and will not record anything.

Hey @Jessica0319. It sounds like you may need to make some adjustments to your router to allow the Ring devices to connect and function properly in the app. Please check out this Ring Help Center Article here for more information on this. You may need to be in contact with your ISP as well in order to make these adjustments. After making said changes, try to pull up the Live View on the device or set up the other device! For more advanced help with your specific devices, give our support team a call here.

So, for some of us that are not tech savvy, we need to call our internet provider to see if something is not set up correctly? I am at a loss and becoming very frustrated!

Hey @BeardieMom. You can reach out to your ISP so that they can make these adjustments for you. Most routers allow the user to make the settings changes for you, but in the event that you are not familiar with how to make these changes, giving a call to your ISP can have them do this work for you! In addition, if you prefer, you can give our support team a call here so they can diagnose your network and devices for your specific situation to see what needs to be done to get your devices back up and running. :slight_smile: